My Services

My Services

You're busy keeping all the balls in the air at your organization. All so the people you serve get what they deserve from your programs and services.

Sometimes you need extra support, too. Because even if you could do it all, you don't have time! (I know; I've been there!)

That's where I come in.

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My job is to make your job easier. And here are a few ways I can do that:

I  facilitate meetings and processes so  you can keep your attention on what's important. I design new programs that make a real difference for the people you serve. I support your board development efforts, I offer training for your staff members, and more.

I can be an advisor or an extra pair of hands as an interim staffer.

I'd love to made it easier for you to do what you do and to support your agency's strength and sustainability.

You'll see examples of the consulting work I do below,  but I also love unique assignments! If you'd like to talk with me about a potential project, schedule an appointment using my online scheduler.

Some of My Past Projects

  • Board of Director Workshops, Coaching, & Troubleshooting
  • Bylaws Review and Revision
  • Board Policy Review and Development
  • Board Resource Toolkit
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Program Development (For Resident Services Operations)
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Workshops on Fundraising and Grantwriting
  • Nonprofit Start-Up Consultation and Hands-On Help
  • Interim Executive Director
  • Cash Flow Projections Workshop
  • Research and Report Writing
  • Community Outreach Coordination (Health Project)
  • Founding Executive Succession Planning

You can use the links below to learn more about my consulting services.

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Nonprofit Startup

Through this consulting engagement, we'll complete the planning and paperwork to create a nonprofit.

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Board of Directors

I'll help you recruit, train, or troubleshoot your board and help you build an effective governing body.

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Strategic Planning

I'll help your team stay fully engaged in the strategic planning process and draw out your team’s best ideas.

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Online Learning

I teach your staff practical topics to help simplify their work and improve the quality of their decisions.

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Hands-On Help

Need a set of hands for program design, policy development, proposal writing or something unique? Let's talk.


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