Even the most capable staff members need professional development. Not only does learning help us development new skills, but it stimulates our creativity. Sometimes it even helps us bring a fresh perspective to our everyday work.

Who doesn't want that?

So I've created virtual classes to support your staff's learning goals. You'll find on-demand video lessons with downloadable note pages.

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And where it's appropriate, I've included sample documents, and worksheets.

While these are self-paced courses, students can post questions inside each lesson and receive an answer from me.

Each class is licensed for a single student. If you'd like to arrange for 5 or more students to enroll at one time, please contact me to discuss it.

Below you'll find a descriptions for my current classes.

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Avoid The Cash Crunch

Have you run out of cash, even with a balanced budget?  Avoid The Cash Crunch can help you stay out of the red.

While it's not a magic wand, the class offers a simple, easy-to-use tool for predicting cash in and out. There's no  accounting involved; so it’s perfect for non-financial staff.

  • How to predict cash shortages in time,
  • How cash flow can effect fundraising,
  • How cash flow informs your budget, and
  • How not to be fooled by “restricted funds”
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Fundraising ABCs

Every nonprofit leader would love an annual visit from the fundraising fairy, but, sadly, no one's spotted her yet.

So we work with what we have, starting with the fundamentals. Yes, successful fundraising can be an art, but it's built on a solid base. This course helps you understand that base.

  • How fundraising fits into your operation,
  • An review of different fundraising activities
  • Special considerations for government funds
  • The board of director's role in fundraising
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Your First Grant Proposal

Would you like to attract tens of thousands of recurring dollars to your organization? I'll answer for you: "YES!"

So you'll want to add grants to your fundraising mix. Your First Grant Proposal introduces you to the ABCs of grantmaking and walks you through the creation of your first proposal.

  • Different types and sources of grant funds,
  • How grants fit into your fundraising strategy,
  • The structure and elements of a typical proposal,
  • Common mistakes that can sabotage your proposal
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